Singing about books in Bushwick

Susan Hwang performing at The Watchmen show

Do you like book clubs but wish there was a more creative way to discuss books? Check out the Bushwick Book Club at Goodbye Blue Monday, an event started by Susan Hwang in 2009 where singer/songwriters get up and sing songs about a different book each month. Books range from Kurt Vonnegut to Gustave Flaubert to Roald Dahl and even the thesaurus, and the musical creativity flows freely along with themed cocktails and snacks.

The BK Buzz caught up with creator Susan Hwang and several of the regular musical contributors to see what they had to say about the club.

The next installment of the Bushwick Book Club will discuss George R. R. Martin’s The Game of Thrones and will take place on Thursday, August 18th at 8pm at Goodbye Blue Monday located at 1087 Broadway in Bushwick. Check it out if you are ready for a musical experience of literary proportions.

The Bushwick Book Club features a wide range of musicians and musical styles


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