Cyclists go “as bare as they dare” for the environment

Naked cyclists cover themselves in body paint before the ride. Photo: Kurt Winter

How do you take a stand against the pollution caused by cars and other motor vehicles that will get noticed? Well, you could ride your bike across the city in the buff. That’s what a bunch of cyclists did last Sunday afternoon for the World Naked Bike Ride. The World Naked Bike Ride is held every year in cities around the world in order to raise awareness about the detriments of motor vehicles and other environmental problems and to promote more sustainable forms of transportation such as cycling. (The ride is normally held around June 11th but New York City’s ride was postponed until Sunday because of inclement weather on the original day.)

The BK Buzz caught up with one of the main organizers and active participants to learn more about the bike ride.

After starting out from the East River Park near the Williamsburg Bridge, the ride ended up at the South Williamsburg space of sponsor Time’s Up for a celebration full of food, booze, and clothing optional fun.

Painted up cyclists. Photo: Kurt Winter

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