The Cyclones are a home run for Brooklyn

Cyclones' players take time to sign autographs and chat with fans after every game

Brooklyn loves baseball, just ask anyone taking in a Cyclones game at MCU Park near the beach in Coney Island. Although the major league season is heating up with the postseason just around the corner, minor league is just rapping up. And even though the Cyclones didn’t win the championship this year, they’ve won the hearts of Brooklynites everywhere.

The BK Buzz’s Pamela Schwartz caught up with some of the fans to find out what draws them to the games.

Unfortunately, the Cyclones’ season is over but it was a record breaking one with plenty of help from fans. The Cyclones lead the New York-Penn League in average attendance and total attendance, as well as breaking the 3,000,000th fan mark in July, a mark the team reached quicker than any other team in short-season baseball history.  The Cyclones also claimed a Wild Card in the league playoffs this season, making their 8th playoff appearance in 11 seasons.

Find out more about Cyclones baseball and gear up for next season!

2 Responses to “The Cyclones are a home run for Brooklyn”
  1. Adam says:

    GREAT JOB!!! Interesting to hear the fans perception.



  2. Simon says:

    Fantastic interviews!!!!
    This news piece was honest, entertaning, and just plain fun…
    Great to hear that there is a REAL passion for the sport of baseball.

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