Filmmaker uses personal experiences to break abuse cycle

Being a dad is hard. Being a dad in a family that has suffered from generations of domestic abuse is even harder. What does it take to address the issue and look for ways to change? In his autobiographical film, House Devil, Street Angel, Fivel Rothberg takes a deep look at his relationships with his son and father in order to address the root causes of abusive relationships and mental illness in his life and to open up possibilities for change.

House Devil, Street Angel – Kickstart Me from Fivel Rothberg on Vimeo.

At first, Rothberg tried to pin the blame for his behavior and depression on a cycle of abuse, but he has come to realize through the making of the film that reality is far more complicated. Eager to be a different kind of father than his own, Rothberg investigated his past and present situation as a parent in the film.

The BK Buzz sat down with him in Fort Greene Park to talk about the personal journey he has gone through in making this film.

Rothberg hopes House Devil, Street Angel will generate much needed dialogue about abuse, fatherhood and masculinity as multiple generations of fathers and sons pursue their own directions. In order to do this, he has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for finishing the film and creating companion materials. The film is also being screened as part of the Filmwax Film Series. It will be shown on Saturday, November 12th at The Fifth Estate in Park Slope.

3 Responses to “Filmmaker uses personal experiences to break abuse cycle”
  1. J.D. Smith says:

    Hello Mr. Rothberg,

    I would like to colaborate with you. My name is J.D. Smith I am a DV survivor and a Female Indie Artist. I have a song out on my Conscious Earth E.P. produced by grammy nominated producer John Keane (R.E.M., B 52,s Widespread Panic etc…) I also have a video on YouTube of my song In The Dark (A Song For Battered Women). My goals is to inspire people everywhere to fllee from abusive situations and lead a safe and peaceful life. Please contact me, as I would like to talk to you about some future projects. If we can encourage people to all work together, I believe we can make a difference. Thanks & Peace Out-J.D. Smith

  2. J.D. Smith says:

    You can reach me at

    Twitter @jdsmithmusic

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